And so it goes, another world leader steps off the stage.

  1. Not that way however. Yikes.
  2. climate question.
  3. A book noted.
  4. Liturgy.
  5. If you don’t laugh, your having a really really bad week.
  6. Someday we’ll find out what the Obamacare supporters were smoking when they supposed longer hours, more uncertainty, less pay would attract more the field.
  7. They will, however, insist it wasn’t this.
  8. question is posed. Woops, that was a follow-up. Start here.
  9. merica.
  10. Won’t be sold here.
  11. Matrix and cellular automata have some challenges.
  12. Thoughts on nuclear Iran. And … why you really really need to read that last linked post.
  13. Our un-serious President. Alas. Don’t look at me, I didn’t vote for him.
  14. And to finish off, what hard riding man puts on his shelf. Wow.

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