Moving on

  1. Do drones work?
  2. More on the same.
  3. Researching for the government. Heh.
  4. The liberator and open source.
  5. First there was lather rinse repeat now we find eat, pray, drink.
  6. Liberty. Three notions of liberty (freedom to choose, loving neighbors/community, and now … freedom to make laws). Do they differ at the core or just the edges?
  7. Cheating.
  8. Multi-culturalism and its claims … a test lab.
  9. The last weeks scandal that was lost.  Another listA prediction … I’m not convinced he’s lost them yet.
  10. Dogs and medical methodology and recommendations.
  11. “We don’t rush in half cocked” …  of course we do, if we have to. Remember McClellan  and the Civil war … responding too much to the fear of losing and the unknown leads merely to just plain losing.
  12. Biden-the-knucklehead takes credit for the White House promoting fracking. Promoting fracking? What is he smoking?
  13. Danger danger Will Robinson!!!

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