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  1. (said in growly voice) “Grrr… killn’s too good fer em
  2. Variants of bike.
  3. Kinda a straw man … nobody’s arguing against discrimination, just that there are unwarranted basis for the same, such as the left’s insistence that discrimination based on race is warranted (or their even less logical insistence that once one agrees that race/gender are a valid criteria at which point apparently the specifics of the criteria are the loci of their dispute, i.e., their religious beliefs are OK but yours are not).
  4. Heh.
  5. Hacking and damages.
  6. Not an accident … so was it a green terrorist or a for-the-pipeline terrorist? Which dya think?
  7. Well, yes it was. So? All those drone attacks on neutral nations are also acts of war. We do it all the time.
  8. Murdering, uhm, princesses?
  9. Mr Obama and Being There.
  10. “every child is subject” … huh? Doesn’t that sentence imply the speaker thinks every child has been abused? And seriously, “gosh, let’s troll the nearby trailer park for our nanny.” I realize former Presidents liked to troll trailer parks for date prospects but really … the things people do to avoid raising their own children.

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