As I was watching Alaska Governor Sarah Palin accept the Republican vice-presidential nomination last night, I kept asking myself what it is about her that makes her so appealing? Yes, she’s attractive. But there is more to it than that.
She’s authentic.
She tells you exactly what she thinks and you don’t have to guess.
You don’t have to read and re-read her speeches to try to figure out the meaning of her words.
Even if you disagree with her politically, you can’t help but like her. I mean, really like her.
She’s the kind of person that many people will be able to identify with. Her family has many of the same ups and downs that the average family experiences.
The Left, with an assist from their enablers in the mainstream media have done everything they can in the days leading up to this speech to try to demonize her.
Sarah Palin showed last night why those attacks won’t work on her.
Democrats are afraid this morning. They should be.
John McCain took a huge risk in selecting Sarah Palin. Last night, Sarah Palin showed America exactly why she was selected and demonstrated he made the right choice.
If the Republicans go on to win the election this November, it will be because it was won last night with Governor Palin’s speech.

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