A week in the middle … the last few weeks big push is over … and I’m in cleanup mode for traveling to Alabama next week and the next push.

  1. Jesus’ maternal grandparents noted.
  2. Badum, bing.
  3. I’m missing where this is a problem.
  4. This is not unrelated.
  5. Zombies and brainz.
  6. Hum drum home drone.
  7. A book list.
  8. A fistful of (not dollars) but something else mindful of dirt.
  9. The last frame is the kicker.
  10. A teaching method with results.
  11. A question, the answer … ambition.
  12. A question regarding  Syria.
  13. A protestant (I think) sees an Eastern Paschal celebration.
  14. Not just one “red line” in the Middle East.
  15. Israel not the only frakking country in the Middle East either.
  16. Three essays on Syrian intervention: here, here and here.
  17. On scientific malpractice.

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