So … government shuts down tomorrow … my prediction is few will notice.

  1. Seeing small things.
  2. Leaks.
  3. Unimpressed by the hostage/terror rhetoric coming from the left.
  4. Fer your book inbox.
  5. And cinema!
  6. The standard model and a small crack. Perhaps.
  7. I’m not getting it. Let’s see, abortion makes women “equal to men” in that that can walk away from pregnancy. A man walking away is horrible. How is making it the same for women a good idea by permitting her to kill her child a necessary right?
  8. Fear and anger. That’s akin to the mythical “fear” that Obamacare might succeed scares the GOP. Uhm. Who? Who!? Every single person on the right I’ve ever talked to fears it will screw up the country. This other thing is just plain made up.
  9. More terror in Africa.
  10. Evil.
  11. Two hunger strikes.
  12. Uhm, duh.

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