Yo. No excuses this week. I’m home and I’m off work.

  1. Obamacare satire (HT).
  2. Less humor, more insight on Obamacare here.
  3. ROTFL, geesh. Maybe he’s right, it’s not about ideology it’s about inclusion in the “Democrat team”.
  4. GQ skewers Obama for the Holidays.
  5. Ten points to consider when thinking about immigration. Look carefully at #1 if you think “open borders” is anything but a joke.
  6. 2nd Amendment and knives.
  7. America, where if it’s really weird, we will build it.
  8. Remember carbon credits.
  9. Smelling a rat.
  10. Zoom.
  11. Progressive taxation.
  12. disagree. You’re both being racist. A good definition of racism is using race as a criteria where it is unwarranted. You aren’t being “tribal” unless you are part of that tribe. If you are using color of skin to judge suitability for a job, that is racist whether you decide to give the job or withhold it on that basis.
  13. Curious chemistry.

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