So, Lent has begun (and will begin tomorrow for y’all in the West … and some suggestions). I would suggest for any in the Western tradition would be, in the next few days (through Thursday night) to look up a local Orthodox parish and see if they are doing the Canon of St Andrew (in English). Nothing exemplifies the spirit of Lent more than that service.

  1. So, the Ukraine is in the news. Alas for the administration as noted here and noted here.
  2. Guns in Crimea. One of the interesting things I learned reading this book, was that the “Charge of the Light Brigade” contrary to popular conceptions was not the failure it was pretended to be.
  3. More we can learn from the Crimea.
  4. Whales, not Wales, and the significance of “White”.
  5. Global warming, 17 years and counting.
  6. Walmart and Logistics.
  7. Them beaches.
  8. Noting the obvious.
  9. Folding tech.
  10. Hammurabi and Middle Eastern Courts.
  11. Archaeology and tooth decay.
  12. For Christians allergic to, uhm, Christian tradition. Why invent “31” days?
  13. So, why complain about gay marriage, marriage is already broken?
  14. Well, one “time to stop correcting” it is when “it” is grammatically correct.
  15. For the Palin fans.
  16. Publish or perish, or perish the thought?

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