Woops, sorry. Missed yesterday.

  1. Government stupidity, example number (big number)+1. Don’t they have, you know, useful things to do with our money?
  2. Explaining one of the recent Obamacare court challenges.
  3. Liberals seem to not a fans of “pass it so we can find out what’s in it” either.
  4. Fun with art.
  5. This headline made me wonder if there is a hockey player with a name almost but not exactly Fermion.
  6. A lesson for you parents who try to tell your kids Santa isn’t real (hint: he is real).
  7. That squares with my intuitions on that.
  8. Pre-information age org-chart.
  9. Bureaucrats should be shot more often for malpractice.
  10. I’ll be we all know colleagues like that.
  11. Liberal icon rips women and minorities for not cracking books open and studying hard, … oh wait.
  12. And come to think of it …. examine some of those assumptions.
  13. Yikes.
  14. That “historic” drought in Southern California. Odd that same years they had their previous drought years the Midwest had record cold and snow. Hmmm.
  15. Interesting.

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