So … my sweet wife informs me that the “yellowing” of my pillowcases is due to “overactive sebaceous glands”. To which I replied (mindful of Franklin), “Oily to bed, oily to rise ….”

  1. Technology advances.
  2. So, the “wage/gender'” thing is being discussed in the beltway. Here’s a place to start, Ms Althouse has a key quote at the bottom of her link to it. But you can find un-serious discussions on left (and likely the right). Look, if you dispute this “The part of pay disparity driven by sexism is so small that it will be very difficult to detect in any given case, or even in aggregate.” then you have to substantiate your reasons for why you dispute it. If you accept that point, then there is nothing to do, nothing to fix.
  3. The White House responds, heh.
  4. The global warming credibility gap. Science News admitted the other week there’s a problem which needs explaining. Kinda makes the “science is settled” argument go by the wayside.
  5. For those partaking in the Eastern Lenten fast.
  6. I don’t buy the premise. The time between the two 20th century world wars was about one generation and the time between the big war of the 19th (Napoleon’s adventures) and WWI was much greater than suggested in the premise. The Crimean war wasn’t very big.
  7. Speaking of which.
  8. Narf narf narf narf. Slurp.
  9. Now that is very cool.
  10. Next we will find the canals had water too.
  11. lecture.
  12. And finally a note on the Ali/Brandeis kerfuffle from a non-Ali fan. From which which we can glean a description of government in general and our government in particular. From the “it’s turtles all the way down” we can add and in this case, “turtles” represent incompetence.

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