It has been an assumption since the Nixon era that politicians lie. It is likely that this was just impressed on that generation more forcefully and politicians always have had an uneasy truce with fact. Mr Obama currently is making hay (apparently) piping the notion that the Bush administration (as I predicted he would) is at fault in the current banking kerfuffle. Read a little from a nominally unbiased economist like Ms McArdle (she’s says she’s voting for Obama on this one). Here for example, she points out that Mr Obama’s claim that GOP policies are “high test hooey”. Here is another and this and finally this. Read them, they are a cogent analysis of what happened by an trained economist.

The point is the political hay that Mr Obama is making is based on a lie. A fiction, a twisting of circumstance, which he is using to his advantage. This is not the only such example, there are many more and Mr Obama is not the only person in this race doing similar things. The point is Mr Obama claims to be different (and is thought to be smart). The other reason, of course, is that I am not an Obama partisan. However, he likely knows exactly what he is doing and is intentionally misleading the public.

Perception ultimately is more important in the election cycle than fact. Nobody is going to “call” Mr Obama on this particular fiction. Mr McCain can’t because to do so can’t be put in a 6 second sound bite. Nobody is going to read the links above in any detail.

PS. Where did all the hope/change nonsense go? Has Mr Obama stopped using it, or have people just stopped noting it?

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