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Friday Link Wrap-up

[FYI, Part 2 of my "after-birth abortion" article will appear Monday, for both of you waiting for it. Smile ]

Obama: ‘Drill Drill Drill won’t work. And you can thank Me that it did.’

America’s per capita debt is worse than Greece. And Greece’s credit rating is in the basement.

BBC: We’ll Mock Jesus But Never Mohammed. (Because Christians won’t cut off their head or burn things.)

For all the talk about crude names called at Sandra Fluke, the war on conservative women goes merrily unreported. Meryl Yourish refers to this as the new Exception Clause.

No wonder liberals think their unconstitutional ideas are constitutional. They don’t understand the document’s intent.

Like all generalizations, it’s not true of every single case, but James Q. Wilson asks an interesting question: Why Don’t Jews Like the Christians Who Like Them?

Just as Jews were once expelled from Arab lands, Christians are now being forced from countries they have long inhabited.

And finally, the return of the political cartoon to Friday Link Wrap-ups.

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Things Heard: e211v5

Good morning.

  1. Economically speaking.
  2. Putin and the Russian Republic election.
  3. A car, which appears to be designed to blow up when it hits a speed-bump. But, it looks kewl, eh?
  4. Rockwell meets Lucas.
  5. Interesting locution there, mocking the ivory tower distance on the one hand and at the same time figuring the term “medical zombies” is about creatures you have to run away or shoot (in real life).
  6. A look behind a faux controversy.
  7. I’ll bet dollars to donuts this wasn’t what you were taught in school about that little narrative. Heh.
  8. I know it’s all traditional and everyone just loves that color, but I’ve never liked overmuch.
  9. Becoming human?
  10. Least worst … kind of like how we view democracy (vs the other forms of government) in a nutshell.

Fabulous Food Foto (# 012)

The Danish Pancakes, from Ellen’s Danish Pancake House, in Buellton, CA.

I like breakfast. But one thing I don’t care for at most restaurants are thick, thick pancakes. Too much expansive mass makes for a full stomach after only a few bites. Now Danish pancakes are very thin and not heavy handed in the least. At Ellen’s Danish Pancake House they serve up some delightful pancakes, generously sprinkled with powdered sugar, and a couple of slices of bacon to boot. Very nice change of pace (once in awhile) from the savory breakfasts I usually get. Mind you, while tasty, the plates are pricey here.


– image © 2011 A R Lopez