1. Wow, for the stupid insult of the day, check out “Soviet/Maoist” red, would the balanced alternative be Luftwaffe blue?
  2. And more on that leftwing icon/hero Che.
  3. Another lefty doh moment, dude … this is America we’re talking about.
  4. Carp(al) keyboard.
  5. What’s that mean, “unwinnable?” (and does that mean like Iraq?)
  6. Clearly overstated threat.
  7. That cross thing.
  8. Some interesting tidbits from a Andre Weil biography. I heard Mr Weil lecture while I was at school and I’ve got a few of his books. Spare and elegant.
  9. Speaking of maths, fractal cabbages.
  10. Shapeshifter battles, and the Pope’s last encyclical?
  11. “the Lull”, I’m thinking for some people, that word doesn’t mean what they think it means.
  12. Bush and Obama … perhaps not so changey.
  13. Heh. Are they all hard of hearing in Texas?
  14. Plugging Taiwanese carbon.
  15. Words and sex. I recall a few days x-country skiing with my Dad years ago, for various reasons my brother and mom didn’t join us right away. I think we exchanged 20 words a day for about three days. It was wonderful.
  16. I need to read this essay more carefully … but it looks interesting.
  17. Dreams.
  18. Ok, gotcha. Henceforth, it’s small “b” and small “w”. ’cause that “heritage, experience, …” and so forth are nothing but a non-singular multiplicity. The notion that they are singular is a pernicious fiction.
  19. This reminds me of that story from British occupied India, in which some Indians were objecting that wife burning was an ancient and revered custom. The British officer reminded them that they too had a ancient and revered custom … that was to hang people who burn their wives.

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