1. Humor and the incoming President. If humor about the President is a duty of the loyal opposition, perhaps the uniformity of political alleigence of the comedy writers is problematic?
  2. A “window” into pro-life in action.
  3. This satirical piece makes an interesting point. If the “multiplier” idea is dumb … why isn’t it dumb when the Feds do it?
  4. Atheist/Pagan and a little history.
  5. Today in 1919.
  6. A teen alternate history book, the Explosionist reviewed.
  7. Does Shamsia Hsseini = Rosa Parks? Will the mainstream press notice … after Monday when they are allowed to care about reality again?
  8. Plagarism discussed.
  9. (faint?) Singular praise for Mr Bush from a Libertarian.
  10. Or … perhaps akin to listening to atheists describe the faith experience and motivations.
  11. Does that mean that Christians should shed self-control? After all, like St. Paul we would be servants (really slaves from the Greek) of Christ, no?
  12. 3 miles?
  13. Suspecting the enthusiasm … after all look how well that worked out the last time.
  14. Of Cato the Elder.
  15. Mil-tech geekery.
  16. Mommmmmmaaaaaa.
  17. Whence the outrage … bias perhaps?
  18. Some more links.
  19. Getting facts straight.
  20. Fiction, truth and lies.
  21. I do need that book.
  22. One reason for the quantity of illegal aliens … Mexico’s problems.
  23. “smart power” as stupid adspeak.
  24. Verse + math.

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