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  1. Dumb? Well, if “not remembering to exhaustively look up every term you use casually is dumb” (or using twitter at all), then yes.
  2. Well, correlation is not causation … but on the other hand the Cemocrat impulse to note (or overlook) the correlation and infer the opposite as cause  is even more wrong.
  3. A consequence of being Jewish on marriage, i.e., view essentially as a contract.
  4. Onion-ish, except it’s not fiction.
  5. Some suggestions for big Pharma. Of course, the policy take away is that one good way to remove the high level of caution would to remove some of the legal risks.
  6. On secular celibacy (HT)
  7. Open systems, of a sort, and why light security interfaces on your pacemaker remain a really horrible idea.

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