1. Two symbols examined, one a very important lady with a torch.
  2. A feast day, the presentation.
  3. The press and Islam.
  4. The tour of California, a graphical view of what have your day job be in a saddle.
  5. Lamarckian descent/inheritance revisited.
  6. Chant.
  7. “Move over to the side of the road” alligator version.
  8. Of Apple and Microsoft.
  9. So … now Mr Obama has taken up the “religion of peace” slogan. What is it with these Presidents?
  10. Also, how about the religion of desecration?
  11. Mr Ping and the stimulus.
  12. I’m willing to bet that few, especially of his detractors, think of the Pope as cheerful (but I’ll wager he actually is such).
  13. UK and “Fairness”.
  14. Christ and Christianity without his death.
  15. Obama and the birth certificate weirdness.
  16. A lecture on an early heresy.
  17. Why is that the left cannot argue for the stimulus without resorting to logical fallacies (poisoning the well and ad hominem attacks in this case)?
  18. So … dollhouse, whaddya think, here’s an interview.
  19. Five films.

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