1. Black swan bay.
  2. A carnivalia of last weeks Christian writing.
  3. Homeschooling, logic and Christianity.
  4. That bow, heh.
  5. For the West, Maunday Thursday … noted here and here.
  6. Total madness … in the White House.
  7. Modern atheists in the UK … and consequences (HT: Sam Norton)
  8. Math as universal language … a notion I don’t like either very much.
  9. Out of the blue.
  10. I’m kinda missing the point here.
  11. Spot on.
  12. Against those against the PUMA.
  13. Mind and matter … and gymnastics.
  14. Something I’ll read.
  15. Bailout suggestions for GM.
  16. Sadr City.
  17. What is that man doing?
  18. A debate faith and non-faith noted.
  19. What will Mr Obama’s move be?

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