1. Well, here’s Obama’s big “budget balancing” act. Numerically speaking, I think if his recent cut $500m had been $17b and today $17b had been in excess of an order of magnitude larger.
  2. The ordinary as more influential.
  3. Some images from an interesting photo site, Orthophoto. A few more here.
  4. Kreminology as a hermeneutic for predicting Obama’s moves regarding Israel.
  5. Gosh, how about wearing little yellow stars?
  6. Is the torture narrative winding down?
  7. Math and more math.
  8. Ask the trees?!?
  9. YA reading list.
  10. Babies … albeit not of the human variety.
  11. So … Mr Obama looks for a white church filled with black people? Is that it?
  12. Chesterton.
  13. Not exactly chic.
  14. Forgiveness.
  15. God and Star Trek.
  16. Democrats, the party of the intellectually arrogant, proof here. I don’t think he grasps what “free inquiry” actually means.
  17. Unions.

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