1. Four links on Iran.
  2. 2009 Bulwer-Lytton noted.
  3. The too many regulations and laws problem.
  4. Victims strikes me as the wrong word.
  5. Tax and oppression … is this where the left wants to go?
  6. At least some on the left are unimpressed with Mr Obama’s tactics.
  7. I think in some way those on the left who are pleased as punch with Mr Franken’s win betray themselves as pure partisan animals. After all, Franken is basically the left’s less talented equivalent of Ms Coulter. If she had won a highly contested Senate seat … how would they view those on the other side of the aisle praising that event?
  8. Health care and the Baucus plan.
  9. Consequences of policy.
  10. Virtue leaves the room.
  11. Bigots in places of power.
  12. This keeps happening
  13. I’m not catholic but that’s a debate I’d enter.
  14. Cars and US manufacture … and party … which I link as a GOP supporter driving a VW (diesel) and two Honda Insights (original version) which we got used.
  15. A geek debate.
  16. In which “possible worlds” means ones which are not in any way realistic.
  17. Marriage.
  18. Culture and Orthodoxy.
  19. For the 4th. Here too.
  20. And some patristics.

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