Good morning.

  1. A cricket race of a different sort, i.e., not directly about issues.
  2. How not to report on race and religion.
  3. Plugging a razor.
  4. Trying to correct impressions of the Puritans does not require mistaken interpretations of catholic teaching.
  5. Standing firm against the tyranny implicit in the libertarian movement.
  6. Progress and people.
  7. Family life and a photo journal.
  8. An leaning car.
  9. On healthcare polls.
  10. Radioisotopes and batteries.
  11. Split cycle engine.
  12. No, Mr Obama didn’t “sell out” the anti-war movement … it can be more plausibly argued that he wilfully misled them for political gain. He more clearly campaigned with the idea that Afghanistan was the more important military front, so not pulling out should not be a surprise to anyone.
  13. One reason why added spending on healthcare might not be a good idea right now.
  14. A very interesting soda-pop ad.
  15. On the “clip” front, a song.
  16. The attitudes about the GOP attitude toward gays needs updating.
  17. If we don’t see criticism of this from the left, they’ve jumped the shark.
  18. Poverty.
  19. Sharia.

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