• Carl Olson watches the race to the (moral) bottom. Ms Boxer “wins.”
  • Religious freedom in Russia … or the lack thereof. Good news for Russia on the other hand, their oil rents might be ending.
  • One problem with mocking the anti-communist stance is, well, it was right. If one says, “A similar dynamic exists with the whole “Marxist” bit that Kristol and Fightin’ Joe Lieberman recently trotted out. My hunch is that younger people thought this accusation was too stupid to warrant much of a response. But to older people, it still likely packs a punch. Remember that the neoconservative movement — and Reagan more generally — rose to power on anti-communist fearmongering.” Communism was worse than the right remembers and far far far worse than the left pretends.
  • Wylie E. …. in nappies.
  • A Reformed scientists reviews Expelled.
  • Geometry of Scripture.

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