1. Hamas and Hegel.
  2. Hmm, looking (especially at the final paragraphs) at this, I think author believes that … and I don’t think it’s correct, for example I don’t think there was any possibility of “market friendly” reforms and the bill that was passed was anything but “moderate and bipartisan in everything but name.” How does someone come around to thinking that way? (a reply here)
  3. Unhappy about free speech. Here’s the salient question those M/F backers won’t answer. More here.
  4. Orwell as setting the political goals of the left.
  5. Killin’s too good for him.
  6. Hummus, although not in preparation for the upcoming Lenten fast.
  7. Giving Mr Obama his due.
  8. Germany (apparently) takes parenting seriously … even if the blogger noting it does not.
  9. Nubrella.
  10. Well, that’s very very cute.
  11. Just wrong.
  12. Prester John.
  13. Words to inspire.
  14. Post election satire.
  15. Pseudo-science.
  16. While I was originally going to try a hope/change sarcastic remark in response to this, I think this is better. If you (unlike me) assume Mr Obama is intelligent, earnest, and of high moral quality and he thinks this is the right (and ethical) thing to do … how do you figure he comes by that conclusion?

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