Good morning.

  1. I concur, “change or die” is an error w.r.t. the church.
  2. The Copts remark on the ECUSA.
  3. On race and the US.
  4. Real life and Hitchcock. Our families “Friday night movie night movie” tonight is Hitchcock’s Frenzy.
  5. Hope and change.
  6. A question on just war.
  7. This is my one remaining (left) wingnut blog in my feed. He offers pointed criticism of Mr Obama.
  8. Uhm, they’re effing frogs!?! I’d suggest reading Ms Chantal Delsol if Genesis 1 doesn’t make the argument well enough.
  9. Two days in a row, mass movement to Orthodoxy in South America?
  10. Social networks and following the crowd.
  11. Science, oil, and the renewable resources problem.
  12. For the fans of Ms Palin.
  13. Illinois.
  14. Advice for the beltway from Mr Easterly.

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