1. On colonialism and Afghanistan.
  2. So, my question. Are the comments here representative of the left?
  3. Are the remarks here representative of the right?
  4. Is this the next target for the climate change crowd, global economic development?
  5. A picture for the ages.
  6. The Shack, and a measured book review.
  7. The red planet (HT: Mr Sandefur).
  8. Ask Mr Super User.
  9. So … it seems the left likes the 5 year plan variety of change these days? Top down is the way to go.
  10. The NYTimes and global warming.
  11. Puritans and sex, I thought the exclamation mark a little oddly placed.
  12. Not in the news, Mr Obama’s backtracking on stem cells.
  13. Three numbers.
  14. Noticing Chavez.
  15. An Obama czar unmasks? (Note, I haven’t had time yet myself to listen to the video myself and am relying on the description).
  16. An accidental war.
  17. What the heck is the Administration thinking about regarding Honduras. Are they completely nuts?

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