Good morning. Christ is Risen! (response:  He is Risen Indeed!)

  1. On our American reticence to share our problems (and consequently the impolite nature of noticing others problems as well).
  2. On further thought … perhaps it would be better if one didn’t give it further thought.
  3. Global warming and some IPCC predictions.
  4. While on the subject of warming, “All that’s Fit is News” isn’t that the NYTimes motto? And heck, if the news doesn’t fit stretch it.
  5. Missing. Why sundering is a good thing.
  6. Weaponized food.
  7. How not to correct a stereotype.
  8. Yet another remark on the Derby kerfuffle.
  9. Shrubbery … I guess the Monty Python/Holy Grail piece wasn’t the last word. The Administration wanted to get some laughs too.
  10. More Obamacare Constitutionality issues.
  11. “Unworthy priest” is after all enshrined in the liturgy.
  12. Our President … a good bad example for industry?

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