Good morning.

  1. Now that’s a snowblower.
  2. Bailout and expectations.
  3. The fall of Rome … took not 4 centuries but 14, btw.
  4. Another cap/trade proposal.
  5. Some dance.
  6. The Metropolitan Ware talks in VA.
  7. Health insurance and mortality and a follow-up.
  8. Demographics and Lent in Russia.
  9. Uh, I disagree. If Russia and US borders were 100 miles apart … we’d be trading partners and our economies would be so intermingled and intertwined that nuclear exchange would be unthinkable.
  10. I don’t think I could disagree more.
  11. Interesting … except that there is almost zero chance that much homework is getting done.
  12. For Valentines day … the actual St. Valentine. A geek lover note.
  13. More left leaning lies and distortions regarding Ms Palin.
  14. The President has an official “twitterer?

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