1. Well, granted learning (or knowing) how to learn is not a substitute for learning itself, but I don’t think you can actually do the former without accomplishing the latter.
  2. More on education here.
  3. Punishment and crime … a modern crucifixion … but is it appropriate?
  4. Is he too busy … or does the left still diminish the nature and extent of those crimes?
  5. Russia and AGW.
  6. US, Russia and human rights.
  7. Demonized by Mr Brown a film to set the record straight.
  8. Well, there was the notion of “lies, damned lies, and statistics” but this admin takes the cake, that goes a bit beyond deceitful statistics.
  9. The tale of the cars and German-US relations.
  10. Polygamy and the Bible.
  11. Iran mocks Mr Obama. And so does one ersatz comedian.
  12. Metaphor noted.
  13. Protesters attacked in Iran … but the world is no longer watching.
  14. A left leaning tea party.

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