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  1. Looking for a clue. I offer that if you cannot understand why a practice, custom, or institution is in place then you are not qualified to discuss removing it.
  2. Boredom.
  3. Our thoroughly modern world.
  4. Men’s rights.
  5. Concerning priests.
  6. Collaboration.
  7. So, does this guy want all the oil spills somewhere else in the world or does he think that there is a viable energy replacement?
  8. PC an Sex in the City.
  9. I missed one of the cues.
  10. The church and the man alone.
  11. The “new order.”
  12. One big jump.
  13. Big city gun control … and a facet of the argument likely not noted in the courts.
  14. The nuclear devices used in WWII get the big press, not this.

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