Good morning.

  1. So you know.
  2. Healthcare news.
  3. An logical rhetorical fallacy can occasionally be apt
  4. A lesson for the day.
  5. Liberals and stupid numbers tricks. When chiding one news source for not being demographically “flat” noting without comment that the other similar sources are likewise not flat is just silly.
  6. More on recession and supply and a reply.
  7. Taxes and graphs.
  8. Ooooh, GM pulls a profit, not mentioned is that they did so primarily selling SUVs and … if the Feds dump $50billion in your lap and you can’t pull a profit … well, give it up.
  9. Children and dignity, fail.
  10. Antisemitism.
  11. Prop 8 news from a neutral corner.
  12. On Eat, Pray, Love.

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