Woo hoo, 5 days in a row.

  1. Of sign and symptom.
  2. Data mining has defenders … a question not asked (that I’ve seen)  is how the Feds convinced those numerous corporations to provide access … what sort of perks. IRS kid gloves or Justice Department patent war favors? Hmmm?
  3. Talking legality (more here)… 51% is “reasonably sure” … Let’s see the politically neutral IRS isn’t … why are you so sure the politically neutral NSA is?
  4. Putting that and drones in a larger context here.
  5. Strange jewelry.
  6. Exists. Hmm. Regrettable perhaps?
  7. Of Scient(ology) and cinema.
  8. “Government” here is not the feds … it’s your school board. If you don’t like it, gosh, you can actually do something about it (or if you do like it … you can support it).
  9. The “science is settled” and some plots of those settled predictions. Sounds like settled doesn’t mean what they think it means.
  10. Remember the atheist meme, “religion is the opiate of the masses” … well not so much, eh?
  11. Of games and brains.
  12. Of tech and terror.
  13. Happiness fail.

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