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  1. Who is angry at God, a cricket race.
  2. Much recently was said about the strong liberal bias in (soft) Academia membership, another such bias noted.
  3. Ms Palin and Libya.
  4. From/about the high court … habeus and CA.
  5. Conspiracy and the lone wolf, which is perhaps an insult to wolves.
  6. Unusual ice cream. Fifteen years ago, on account of my eldest having an extended hospital stay after birth we had a quart or so of frozen breast milk in the freezer. We made hot chocolate. 
  7. Budget naivte becomes partisan “hackery”. A month or so ago a study was cited (WSJ) that investigated some 50-100 nations over the last three decades and their methods and successes at attacking budget deficit. It was found that the successful attempts did not (statistically) raise taxes but instead focused on cutting spending. The most successful were those that included small tax cuts and aggressive spending cutting. Those that were not successful focused on raising taxes to address shortfalls. 
  8. The West is beginning to notice Metropolitan Hilarion
  9. Economics and education.
  10. Qaddafi’s fundamental problem. More on Libya here.
  11. Non-defense of human ontological dignity and a consequence.
  12. Mr Rezko, not in the news.
  13. Miracles.
  14. Obamacare and consequences unfolding.

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