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  1. Recycling done right.
  2. Some quotes as inspiration.
  3. Gitmo as recruiting tool is a unexamined truth for the left, alas.
  4. I’m not lawyer, but that doesn’t seem like a very parallel example to me.
  5. Badging.
  6. Keynesian economics and an example. This is a similar article, and the study noted should be important for upcoming budget/tax discussions (behind subscription wall alas). As a quick summary, a good number of studies of countries over the last 30 years and their strategies between taxation and cost cutting were examined in light of whether they were successful in controlling deficits and budgets. The upshot is cost cutting needs to be the primary tool and raising taxes doesn’t work well.
  7. As to that study, it’s what we aren’t doing, alas.
  8. Icon and the East.
  9. Watch tech.
  10. Poetry in motion.
  11. A book noted.
  12. A comparison of religion and harmful practices.
  13. Libertarianism doesn’t need to be caricatured to be called Utopian. One just has to point out that the actual libertarian society in the US, namely the Western/backwoods folkway of the 18th and early 19th century as noted in Albion’s Seed is horrifying to most of those who claim to be Libertarian. And if you are repelled by the actual examples of a political philosophy you espouse, that seems problematic.
  14. East vs West.

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