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  1. One of those “your XYZ name” charts.
  2. A (possibly? likely?) better indicator of future climate trends than CO2.
  3. Oh, and about that “big” Heartland AGW skepticism threat.
  4. Two more posts, a little more reflective than reactive, on the med ethics journal article considering infanticide. Here and here.
  5. Upcoming mindless fun entertainment.
  6. Jeesh, 40+ posts mentioning Mr Breitbart’s death from the rabid/insane right before we get to one with suspicion and conspiracy. Hello, the guy must have had dozens if not hundreds of death threats from the loony left a week. Hey, back before blogging and the Internet, I spent a half year in the exercise of believing as true everything I read on alt.conspiracy … y’all are missing out on the fun.
  7. Slosh = Schlitz?
  8. Apology mania.
  9. Insurance troubles?
  10. Art leads to reflection.
  11. That pipeline.
  12. Statistics and genocide.

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