Good morning.

  1. In the zone, with others in the same place.
  2. One categorization of “two kinds of people” … I like the adage “there are two kinds of people, those who think there are two kinds of people and those who don’t.”
  3. Them wimpy gymnasts. Or not.
  4. So … off the radar or just hidden motivations. We have a President who is keen on not revealing his actual reasons.
  5. On good faith in discussion and actions.
  6. See. The compromise that wasn’t wasn’t even.
  7. Pointing at self in Lent (by self I mean myself not the author).
  8. Oh, heck, on the use of expletives which generally just demonstrate the lack of intelligence and education on the part of the speaker.
  9. Oh, honey … he won’t call you … you’re a conservative so you’re not really a woman.
  10. Why does this question even get asked? Isn’t the answer completely obvious.
  11. Touching in part on the question (recently discussed) on the relationship between Christianity and Greek Philosophy, to whit “unless contemplated through philosophy …”
  12. Statistics.
  13. Whence liberty and Mr Santorum?
  14. How close to that are we here?

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