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  1. Over four years late … Obama background begins to be investigated.
  2. Politics 101: How not to spin.
  3. OK. I get it you didn’t like the paper (linked a few days ago). But, geesh, when criticizing a paper isn’t it bad form to use wrong/bad examples, i.e., house construction is not “bloated” because rents are going up … except why might rents go up? Could there be reasons other than a underultilization of construction resources? Perhaps because people aren’t buying because (with good reason) don’t trust property values to be stable yet? I’m no economist but that argument was just plain dumb.
  4. Simple analysis of musical forms.
  5. My first thought after seeing this is, well, Biden is worse … what ya complain’n about?
  6. A political commentator whose never heard of Sarbanes Oxley apparently. Actually, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You don’t have to scratch hard at all to find anti-business in the beltway.
  7. Not enough information and cheap puzzles.
  8. Transliteration vs translation and maps.
  9. Tort and adultery.
  10. Hack spit. SAY WHAT? Let’s see, a policy success for the US, China threatens a man’s wife, he leaves the protection of the US embassy … and that somehow somewhere is a policy success?
  11. Tripos (whatever that is) entertainment continues.
  12. A good question, what does it take to get a higher rating?
  13. What they don’t tell you is high reps (20+) to failure is amazingly painful compared to 4-10 rep to failure weights.
  14. Atheists, believers and damned lies akin to statistics.

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