Oooh, goody. A chance to link more stuff, make comments, and be misinterpreted.

  1. A few comments here on bikes on roads might work. Uhm, I have been stopped by a cop riding a bike, in my case, because he felt “stopping” by doing a track stand (the bike stopped … but I didn’t “put my foot down”, which apparently for the cop means I’ve actually stopped). I’ll add that bike trails along side roads might be nice, but there are two problems, I think when they cross roads they are less, not more safe in that the cars/bikes aren’t really as cognizant of the other’s presence at intersections because they are on separated on the main path and second, lots of roadies are traveling a whole lot further than that short section of bike path. I used to take an 80 mile ride up to my mother-in-laws. Several sections of the path paralleled bike paths for about 2-3 miles of the whole trip. While that path might have made sense for the subdivision along side it, not so much for me.
  2. Wheaton stands with the Roman Catholics.
  3. Liberals like to point out how much more multiculturally senstive and aware and open they are. It just ain’t so, just observe these two leading liberal public intellectuals.
  4. Courage recognized.
  5. I think if you back that question up a bit you’ll find the “what constitutes healthy” a thorny enough question in and of itself without qualifying it.
  6. While we’re in the business of thorny definitions, how about defining manufacturing.
  7. The wonders of Obamacare and that whole “find out what’s in the law after you pass it”.
  8. So, go ahead, follow Ms Warren’s example and check the “African American” section any application or employment form. And while your at it, check the “Cheerful” spot in the sexuality section.
  9. Admission of guilt a bit?
  10. Full assault mode. Attack attack attack!!!
  11. Of economic opportunity and height.
  12. Well, don’t worry, “reset” didn’t mean anything to anyone not in Russia either.
  13. Well, no. I don’t think it is ever correct to hire a less qualified candidate. Who would? Now, I think the left would tell you that aff/action is to have preferences between equally qualified candidates. But, when they tell you that, alas, they are lying.

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