Well, yesterday was a travel, on-site, travel day … sorry about not giving warning.

Anyhow, links? I’m running late, hence the brevity.

  1. Noses.
  2. Economics of genocide.
  3. Human dignity lapsed.
  4. A book to read.
  5. Nonchalant taken to an extreme.
  6. Of metrics and meaning.
  7. Time and relationships.
  8. Isolationism by another name.
  9. Afghanistan.
  10. BBQ and a reprise.
  11. Threat or expression of same.
  12. Hobby Lobby. Someone explain why H/L doesn’t get the exemption but Tyndale does in a consistent fashion.
  13. Anthropology and Conan.
  14. Mr Biden.
  15. I think we value freedom because we think it fosters happiness, and some don’t think it does (foster) the same way others do.
  16. If useless, why bother?
  17. Guns and footballers.
  18. Yikes.

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