Well, I seem to have lost a day to work and the 1st week of Lent.

  1. I think by the term “Wisdom” he means “being sneaky”. Or at least that word substitution makes for an interesting hermeneutic.
  2. Why does it help to multiply everything by ten all the time?
  3. The other side of the aisle would call that synergy and a good thing. They’re wrong.
  4. Mr Timber might recall the non-Democratic defense of the British commander by John Adams prior to the Revolution.
  5. Hmm.
  6. But bias? Is this bigotry, tribalism? No, not possible. Heh.
  7. On fasting.
  8. Philosophy meets maths.
  9. Seriously? A taster? I’m appalled.
  10. The missing articles in the paper about the recent gun debate look like this.
  11. I’ve warned about this before, more and more it’s who you know that matters.
  12. 20k and growing.
  13. Returning to that master race science fiction epic.

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