Good morning.

  1. Averages.
  2. A interesting prototype for a toy.
  3. A quote … which is not unlike the phrase I occasionally tell my kids when the utter the “I’m bored remark” (which oddly enough rarely comes to my ears now). My reply invariably is that “your boredom is a problem with you not the universe which you inhabit.”
  4. Warming and causes … a suggestion.
  5. Nuptials to remember.
  6. Regarding visiting Mars.
  7. Frequent visitor noted.
  8. Mainstream education moving online?
  9. Experts they are not.
  10. Fishing the adage, “Give him a fish …” which brings to my mind the always humors Christopher Moore addition “turn him into a fish and his family eats for a week” from Lamb.
  11. Mad skillz.
  12. Time after time (HT).
  13. Post boomer?
  14. For the burn your money crowd.

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