Woo, going home tomorrow night. 14 hours ahead of schedule.

  1. A self-referential (somewhat hilarious) remark by Ms Clinton. Seriously though she’s right, the left elite should not terrorize the rest of us.
  2. Higher education and some more self-referential remarks by another left elitist.
  3. Somewhat in the same vein, an employee becomes an actual loyal employee, when apparently he figures he’s doing something else. Color me confused.
  4. Who in their right mind thinks it was accidental (or actually lost) … but setting that aside, that brings up the other side of the coin, i.e., those document saving standards they’d like us to keep … well? If y’all can’t do what you force us to do, well … (hack spit) words fail!
  5. On that same topic, at the end points 1-6 … well only 2 seems right. Five an indictment of the current President. Regarding #4 … there should be lots and lots of copies of those “missing” emails on different, uhm, tapes and servers.
  6. Dog. Wagged. Just like with Mr bin Laden.
  7. story. (HT) 21st century Tinkerbell.
  8. Some FIFA stats.
  9. Well, as for the last two panels, the guys you realize are talking about guns, sports, or beer … the girls about, well, people they know. There is a difference (viva la and all that)
  10. Not mentioned in this list is how many the Ukraine gave up when Clinton assured them the US had their back. Bet you they regret giving them up now, eh?
  11. In which “they are paid” apparently doesn’t mean “have a job” which it normally would I’d think.
  12. Germs.
  13. What is learned from studying history.
  14. Snowflakes chance you know where of that.
  15. Dismal indeed.

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