Thor’s Day?

  1. Why those of us with less talent drift to the slow twitch sports where discipline and good training can put us at least in the pack.
  2. foreign view.
  3. biting remark (hint: what threat … or else we will taunt you a second time?)
  4. Beauty in the eye of beauty specialists from other countries.
  5. There’s an explanation for the IRS email problem.
  6. Nanny state curtailed.
  7. A cop not honoring his responsibilities.
  8. A point which the green movement finds somewhat perplexing.
  9. Apparently by making a “extreme” (ridiculous? incompetent?) argument Obama and his admin intentionally worked for a 9-0 ruling against themselves. Believe that and you’re one of the few who believe the IRS accidentally lost those emails.
  10. Now there’s a dumb idea. Here’s a better one, to disambiguate “hot” (use spicy, thermy and hot for the three common meanings. As in habanero peppers are spicy. Coffee out of the machine is thermy, and that girl over there is hot).
  11. But, you know, she’s not running … hah!

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