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  1. American muslims and a cricket race.
  2. Tawian and the F-16 sales.
  3. Gut magic and the great panda.
  4. Meeting with a Bishop.
  5. ‘Tis for the kiddies remember?
  6. Lesson number one, if you want to comment on a book, read it!
  7. Let’s see, socialist is probably the wrong tag … help me here. What is someone who thinks regulation of salary by the state is necessary? Is that communism?
  8. On the cloud formation and climate discussion, I got this from Mr Darrel and this is likely more useful (as is text not a video clip).
  9. More on climate here.
  10. History and the person with respect to time.
  11. Affirmative action viewed by Mr Thomas and Mr Obama.
  12. A reaction to Mr Groseclose’s book and liberal bias in the media.
  13. Car doors and bike lanes.
  14. A movie noted.
  15. That’s not very charitable.
  16. Flat pop psych as a term coined … the term coined by our office bunch … I’ll promote again here. “Hot” when refered to food is ambiguous, it can mean either spicy or temperature. To disambiguate we suggest using the term “thermy” to refer to food that is hot by temperature and use “hot” w.r.t to food to only means spicy. 

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