1. Ewww. I think the idea that there is “no law against it”, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fired for doing it.
  2. Well, there you go. A counter to Mr Warren being offered a chance to offer public prayer.
  3. The other side of the sweatshop coin.
  4. A good story from the desert.
  5. On MLKj.
  6. Standing against a classless society.
  7. Identity vs conviction … and those standing convicted of a lack of conviction.
  8. Failing to mention his graduate students … who likely did the real work?
  9. Journalism and a question.
  10. Troy Polamalu and taking one’s faith seriously.
  11. Yet again, bias and the media.
  12. History and a blogged discussion. The original. A dissenting view. Another response.
  13. Suffering for purpose.
  14. For those with BDS.
  15. An Orthodox reading plan. Now I just need a Philokalia reading plan to put along side it. 🙂
  16. Next year … how will Mr Obama treat with Sanctity of Life Sunday?
  17. Heh.
  18. Job and Galactica considered.
  19. I concur.
  20. Gosh another Ponzi found.
  21. My daughter was there.
  22. An odd road glyph.
  23. Bad advice I think?

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