1. Well, what to do with illegal combatants. A deadline? It seems to me deadlines are a somewhat moveable feast.
  2. Some thoughts on abortion.
  3. The invisible dead. The global variant of the black on black violence of which nobody can speak?
  4. Frankly my yearly fitness goals should really be a two year plan, but I’ll put it in ink. I’m hoping to ride a 58 minute 40k (I just barely broke the hour before my hiatus). That admission is spurred on by this.
  5. Psychology and eBay bidding.
  6. Girls in the springtime of their life.
  7. Blaaaaasphemer!
  8. The non-Islamic roots of our President’s moniker.
  9. 1982’s economy and today. Until y’all start acting happy the beatings will continue.
  10. Or the simpler explanation. He’s a crook.
  11. In which Soviet failure to engender love of being ruled by Moscow is somehow relevant. Read the COIN manual.
  12. One might as well wonder why the “don’t tread on me” state want’s to be tread upon.
  13. Something else is going on here, doncha think?
  14. Progress on an old simply stated but hard to make progress on problem.
  15. In a word, blech.
  16. Hmm.
  17. A study running counter to the assumptions of those pushing progressive policies.
  18. I don’t think they’ll notice.
  19. What not to eat.

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