1. Race advice which is transferable to other avenues of life.
  2. Except, due to cholesterol, my dietitian informs me cheese is not a food … it’s a garnish.
  3. Iran slumping?
  4. Crime pays?
  5. Water and Spirit.
  6. Verse.
  7. Violation of law.
  8. In five short (long?) months … ta-daaa.
  9. On that scientific authority thing.
  10. Getting parenting very very wrong.
  11. F-22. Stimulus?
  12. A gigabyte now and then.
  13. Sssspiiin.
  14. We need some gridlock in the beltway faaast. Huh?
  15. On theodicy.
  16. Links … I thought the Krugman criticism cogent.
  17. Mornings.
  18. Loony ranting wackjobs haters. Whatever.
  19. Very cool art.
  20. Abduction.

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