1. The left used to complain of the Mr Bush’s legal advisors assuming too much power on the Presidency. What we didn’t realize the basis of that complaint was that this wasn’t taken far enough.
  2. Porn not not safe for work.
  3. Coming over to the dark side.
  4. Exceptional gals.
  5. A climate debate.
  6. Bearing witness, a suggestion.
  7. National health care advocates already have a test case … which is not doing so well.
  8. Buffet not impressed with the Markey-Waxman plan to kick the economy where it hurts.
  9. 6 links about Iran.
  10. Sanford. Two views, here and here.
  11. Gymnastics and perseverance.
  12. Flip-flop … or just campaign dishonesty?
  13. Why are these guys not being executed?
  14. Verse.

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