1. Well, that makes my day seem mundane (which might not be entirely a bad thing).
  2. What’s going on in Afghanistan … doesn’t seem like a COIN operation, I wonder why not?
  3. Well, my second favourite cyclist crashed.
  4. One man’s reaction to Microsoft (and a far cry from yum or apt-get).
  5. Obama and Up!
  6. Indeed. “What happens if cost growth exceeds projections, the way it has in Massachussetts, and AFAIK, every Federal health care program ever?  Where do we get more money?”
  7. I’d suggest the biggest reason is on the evening news scientifically predicting the weather every day and getting it wrong so often.
  8. Catching Hillary being, well, not thinking exactly.
  9. A Soviet scientist.
  10. Russia’s schools.
  11. It’s not for their good, it’s to ease the possibility of our pain.
  12. Obamacare killed?
  13. This is something everyone should read … and then ponder Obama’s notion of a moderate Iran and the need to open relations with them.
  14. On the living Christian life.

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