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  1. The evolution of a word through misunderstanding.
  2. Grist for the Fan/Fred un-fans.
  3. I don’t think that’s exactly right, it’s how buearocracy expands of which currently in the US the left is a ardent advocate.
  4. Mr Krugman then and now.
  5. Dry your air.
  6. Not one of Mr Obama’s better moments, the “you’re all dumb” argument is not so endearing to the general public.
  7. Ballistics and cover vs concealment.
  8. Well, if Mr Rush is a leading intellectual of the right, here’s one of the left’s … and a recent remark.
  9. Or let’s all start speaking Latin … in which the verb was at the end of the sentence.
  10. A athletic hero … which falls in a long standing tradition (recall Tyler Hamilton finishing on the podium with a broken collarbone … and after the tour completed had to have all his molars capped because he was grinding them in his sleep because of the pain).
  11. False story gets legs.
  12. Choose your reality

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