1. Considering Dawkins and imposition of beliefs on the young. Two remarks from me, first I’d guess that this person has not personally yet raised any kids and second the assumption that religious beliefs are the sort in which you “should teach that there are alternatives” presupposes a tepid sort of belief. You would not teach your child that the universe really doesn’t exist (solipsism) is “a viable option” for basing ethics because you don’t believe it is reasonable.
  2. SSD cleaning.
  3. Judgement vs vetting.
  4. Matters the Democrats are dodging in the healthcare “debate”. Why the scare quotes.
  5. Birther and truther, a graph.
  6. Oddly enough the thing that struck me in this piece was his vision of “ideal” society, wifi, robust GDP, and universal healthcare. How tepid. And, in response to the main point, the problem is The Bottom Billion.
  7. Exercise won’t make you thin … tell that to the endurance athletes of the world, they’ll likely disagree just a bit.
  8. An Attack!!
  9. On Sodom and Gomorrah two short pieces, here and here (the second is a response to the first).
  10. Christian response to political oppression done right.
  11. Turning it around.
  12. A motive for Russian aggression against Georgia.
  13. Afghanistan and marketing.
  14. Plugging the City.

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