1. Philosophy and (as a cure for?) politics. Judging from the nature of the philosophical disputes in the rule of Justinian, I’d offer that philosophy will not be the cure.
  2. Truth in advertising … fail!
  3. Carbon (fiber) and the auto.
  4. Well that’s a theme I’ve offered on more than one occasion.
  5. More DS-9 discussions.
  6. On the President’s kiddie speech. Another view here.
  7. Crazy (and highly skilled) climber.
  8. Revolt!!!
  9. Afghanistan and their cash crop.
  10. Czars (and Czarinas … although I can’t spot any women’s names on that list) … odd that.
  11. He says “cynical panderer” like that’s a bad thing. Hasn’t he noticed the national stage, that’s all we have in the beltway, no?
  12. Christianity … making life meaningless.
  13. Exactly right on healthcare … or in my words, you’re just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic if you don’t address the supply problem.
  14. Nature and nurture.

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